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Previous Courses

I taught many coures at Dowling College from 1998 to 2016. Some of the syllabi are available for download here.

Philosophy of Psychiatry
I taught this course several times, and I used totally different readings each time. This is just one example of the course.
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Philosophy of Law
An upper level course focused on analytic philosophy of law.
HTML document [64.5 KB]
The Culture of Madness
A general education senior seminar, on the representation of mental illness, with a focus on stigma.
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Philosophy of Sex and Love
A sophomore level course on the philosophical issues around sexuality and romantic love. I taught this course many times and it took different kinds of form depending on the context.
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Media Ethics
An introductory course in the moral issues facing media professionals and those looking to understand the role of the media in the modern world.
HTML document [43.0 KB]
Biomedical Ethics
An introductory course in health care ethics.
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Family Ethics
I have only taught this course twice, and I still regard it as under development. But it has the potential to be one of my favorite courses.
Family Ethics.docx
Microsoft Word document [25.0 KB]
Ethics in Criminal Justice
An introduction to moral issues in criminal justice for general education students.
HTML document [42.4 KB]
An introductory course in ethics for general education students.
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Self and World
An introduction to metaphysics and epistemology for general education students
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