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Philosophy: A Text with Readings, 12th Edition

Manuel Velasquez 

ISBN-10: 1133612105  |  ISBN-13: 9781133612100

Cengage 2014

Make sure you have the 12th edition, not a previous one.

You will need the book until May 13 2016. -- This is relevant if you rent an eTextbook.

You can buy it, rent a hard copy or an electronic copy.  Here is some useful info. link:

Cengage link


Reading assignments: The reading is listed in the syllabus below.† You must do the reading before that week.† You should be familiar with the main ideas in each assigned chapter, and you should make notes of those parts that are hard to follow.



Participation: 20%

Papers: 40%

Exams 40%


Plagiarism detection and prevention: All papers should be submitted via in MS Word or RTF.† I will give you information about how to use† Note that I view any form of academic dishonesty very seriously, and if I find that you have engaged in any significant form of plagiarism or cheating I will fail you in this course and report my action to the Dean of Students.

Attendance:† Attendance is required. You need to be in the classroom by the start of the class period, when I will take attendance.† If you are late, you only get half-credit for attendance that day.† If you are late to class, you need to speak to me at the end of class to explain why you were late and ask me to record your presence on my roster.† If you need to miss a class, you should notify me by phone or email before the class.† If you are ill and see a medical professional, or you have an unavoidable legal obligation, you should show me some documentation as evidence.† Your attendance grade will suffer significantly if you miss classes without excuse.† If you miss classes, you should write a 600 word summary of the reading assigned for that class, or arrange some alternative make-up work.† If you miss more than 5 classes without excuse, you will fail the course.† Arriving late for class will count as an absence unless you make sure that I registered your presence, and then you get half-credit.

Participation: You should participate in class discussion, both answering questions that are put to the class, raising questions when you do not fully understand an idea or a part of the text, or what someone in the class says.† There is a Blackboard site for this course, and you can also participate and discuss issues there.

Exams: 2 exams.† You need to show your understanding of the material.† This means you need to be able to read and explain a passage of text by the philosophers discussed in the course, and you need to know how the different philosophers relate to each other logically.


Paper.† At least 1200 words.† It should use APA formatting.† The paper should focus on critically examining arguments.† The scholarly references should be used in a way that helps your paper.† It is important that you write in clear English with no grammatical or spelling errors.† Good writing style will be rewarded.†

It should use APA formatting, both in-text and in the Works Cited list at the end -- use the resources on the Dowling Library web page for this. Scholarly sources should be sited. You get credit for using useful sources that improve your paper.† If you use a source that you donít demonstrate a good understanding of, you won't get much credit.

Paper grades

∑†††††††† 70% of the grade is on the content, and 30% is for writing style, formatting, grammar and spelling.

∑†††††††† In order to get an A on this paper, you would need to include at least one scholarly source.† You would also need to write significantly more than 1200 words.† An excellent paper will have an interesting clear thesis and a strong argument for that thesis.† The paper will show an excellent understanding of the material being discussed.

∑†††††††† A good paper (B grade) will develop an argument with a clear thesis, and it will show a strong understanding of the material.

∑†††††††† A satisfactory paper (C grade) will show a basic understanding of the material.

∑†††††††† Papers less than 1200 words will automatically get a D or an F.† Papers that fail to achieve a C grade will also get a D or an F.† There is not much difference between a D and an F, but a D paper, although generally failing to show a basic understanding of the material, at least shows effort.


Late Papers.† Late papers will be penalized, 1% for each day late.† No excuses will be accepted.† You should start early on your papers and have them close to finished a few days before they are due.† For each day that your draft of your final paper is late, I will take off 1% off your final paper grade.

A draft of your paper is required 2 weeks before the paper is due.


Final deadline for submission of all work, including late work: Friday May 13 2016

Spring Break March 21-27


Schedule (subject to revision)



Tue Feb 2


Thur Feb 4

Chapter 1 The Nature of Philosophy


Chapter 2 Human Nature




Movie: Bladerunner







Tues Mar 1



Chapter 3 Reality and Being




Movie: 2001






Chapter 4 Philosophy, Religion and God



Tues April 5

Paper Writing Workshop

Thur 7

Paper Draft Due




Chapter 5 The Sources of Knowledge


Movie: The Matrix


Final paper due





Tue May 3


Thur 5



Final Test